High Class Escorts and Courtesans

A Courtesan dates from the 19th century Paris. A Courtesan was the mistress of the wealthy nobility and these women were known for their appearance, good manners, but also their beauty and intelligence. By offering her services to the wealthy nobility and to act as a companion, she could maintain herself and often in luxury.

Courtesan or High Class Escort

A Courtesan has many similarities with a High Class Escort, though they will generally serve fewer clients and they will not be hired for just a few hours. Successful Courtesans often travel the world to entertain very exclusive and influential clientele and receive a reward for their companionship and sexual services. They are highly trained, articulated and educated women with good general knowledge and able to talk about almost anything. Men who use Courtesans are not looking for quick satisfaction, but are looking for a deeper connection with a confident, more mature and skilled woman who in addition is very discreet. The rendez vous usually last a few days.