"Natural beauty with slightly exotic roots. Intelligent, mysterious, playful and incredibly sweet."

About me

Anna is a natural beauty with partly Dutch and partly exotic roots. When I walk towards her, she looks at me with her bambi eyes and radiant smile. Because of her appearance she has something mysterious and this makes me curious about her ...

At first Anna is a bit shy, but gradually she gets more talkative and starts talking about what she wants in life and why she wants to work as a High Class Escort. This shy side makes her very amiable and she is also a real pleaser. Anna can best be described as intelligent, playful, slightly mysterious young girl and above all very sweet. Anna is still young, but has a weakness for older men. Men ripen just like good wine, is her opinion and become more attractive when they are older.

Anna once had the ambition to become a veterinarian because of her love for animals, but the long duration of the study has made her decide to choose a different path. Anna is more hands-on and sometimes gets bored quickly; she likes more action. Because she wants to do something with hospitality and the combination with Management, she has decided to study Tourist Management to be able to follow in her parents' footsteps as well.

Anna about herself:
Hi, I'm Anna! I like to discover everything there is to discover and I just see life as a great journey of discovery. I am a sincere, sweet and open-minded lady who wants to get to know you better. I like in-depth conversations or just talking about all kinds of topics. Not much is too crazy for me and I like to go on a discovery trip with you! At first glance, I may seem innocent, but when I feel at ease, I am a spicy lady who knows what men want ... The most happy I get from beautiful, spontaneous experiences, together together with company where I might still learn something from ... Occasionally I can be a bit stubborn, because I am just looking for some excitement and because I am a little bit naughty ... Do you want to escape the daily routine, then escape with me and I'll take you to a sensual, fiery dream world where all your fantasies become reality ... Kisses, Anna!

Are you looking for a mysterious partly exotic beauty with a beautiful body who wants to spoil you all night long, then Anna is the right lady for you.



19 jaar






Half length brown


1.72 cm



Cup size:


Favorite kitchen

Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch

Piercings and tattoos:



Tourist management


Dutch, English, Spanish 



Eye color



60 kg

Clothing size

36 (S)

Short info

Intelligent, play full, little bit mysterious

Zodiac Sign


Where available for travel


Extra services

Trio (f/f/m and f/m/m), BDSM submissive, Swingers Club, Striptease


Fitness, horseback riding

Hobbies and interests

(Belly) dancing, horse riding, traveling, shopping, going out 

Clothing style


Favorite Designer

Balmain x HM, Chanel and Dolce & Gabanna

Favorite brand shoes

Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Balmain

Favorite brand lingerie

Victoria Secret, La Perla

Favorite drink

Red wine, champagne

Favorite perfume

Chloé, Dior, Valentino

Idea for gift

Lingerie, Jewelry, Tasty bottle of red wine or a day out with you ...

Favorite places

Ecuador, Greece, VS and Spain



Available clothing

Business look, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, high heels, different kinds of lingerie and stockings

Private bookings
1,5 hours
€ 500,-
2 hours
€ 700,-
3 hours
€ 950,-
4 hours
€ 1150,-
5 hours
€ 1300,-
6 hours
€ 1450,-
7 hours
€ 1600,-
8 hours
€ 1750,-
12 hours overnight
€ 2000,-
16 hours overnight
€ 2300,-
24 hours whole day
€ 2750,-
48 hours 2 days
€ 4250,-
Extra days
€ 1000,-
Every extra hour
€ 250,-