"Tall blonde Amazon with hands that can bring you into higher spheres. Every date with her will always feel like "the first time", as she likes to surprise you with a new side of her every time on a new date ..."

About me

Sasha is already waiting for me in the lobby of the hotel. Sasha is the type of Dutch businesswoman; dressed in a suit and red-colored lips she looks at them with a smile. Sasha is a tall blonde Amazon and a type of lady that I do not yet have in my team of ladies, so I'm happy to add her to my team!

Sasha is a confident and eloquent lady with an enormous urge for adventure and excitement. In everyday life she is the kind of nice neighbor who greets you every morning, but in the evenings she likes to be a lady of pleasure and she will do everything she can to give you an unforgettable date. Sasha is emphatic and is enormously "customer-oriented" without losing her own special personality. In the first instance, this lady looks a bit dominant, but in real life she is very caring and sweet, always cheerful and with a free spirit.

Sasha is an expert with her hands and if you like a very good massage, Sasha is definitely the lady for you! She knows how to excite all your senses with both her hands and her body. After years of working in business life, Sasha decided to retrain because her passion is really in the legal profession. In daily she can enjoy good food, art-house films, museau, theater and music and dance. She also loves to just go "off" once in a while and relax at a party.

Sasha about herself:
In life as well as between the sheets I want to try everything out and experience it and open to anything. I find nothing crazy and like to let all our fantasies come true. Your secrets are safe with me. Are you not completely comfortable with your desire yet? I will help you embrace and even nurture them. Limits are, in my opinion, exciting frameworks for exploring and perhaps even shifting. In my opinion, the meaning of intimacy is as much as possible and as tasty as possible from each other. I am a lady who makes the sparks splash like we are playing in an erotic film. Once you have unwrapped and experienced me as a present, you will yearn for more. I live in the moment and at the moment that I am with you, I am not with anyone but with you, that you will notice everything.

If you really want to relax completely in the hands of a lady for a night and you have a weakness for businesswomen in beautiful suits, Sasha is the lady for you.

Profile Zone 6








Half length blond 


1.85 cm


Slim and feminine 

Cup size:


Favorite kitchen

Haute cuisine

Piercings and tattoos:

Two small tattoos 


Rechten (bachelor)


Dutch, English 



Eye color



68 kg

Clothing size


Short info

Confident, caring, classic

Zodiac Sign


Where available for travel


Extra services

Trio (v/vm), Swingers Club, BDSM Submissive, BDSM Dominant, Tantra Massage 



Hobbies and interests

Dancing, traveling, musea, theatre, walks on the beach

Clothing style

Classy (dresses)

Favorite Designer

Chanel, Dior

Favorite brand shoes

Micheal Kors, Christian Louboutin

Favorite brand lingerie

L'Agent Provocateur, Victoria Secret

Favorite drink

Cocktails, Champagne, Gin Tonic, wine

Favorite perfume

Yves Saint Laurent - mon paris,Lancôme - la vie est belle, Miss dior, Narciso Rodriguez - fleur musk

Idea for gift

jewelry, shoes, lingerie, red roses ... But much more fun if you surprise me

Favorite places

Dubai, Spain


Back to school again..

Available clothing

Business look, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, high heels, different kinds of lingerie and stockings

Private bookings
2 hours
€ 700,-
3 hours
€ 950,-
4 hours
€ 1150,-
5 hours
€ 1300,-
6 hours
€ 1450,-
7 hours
€ 1600,-
8 hours
€ 1750,-
12 hours overnight
€ 2000,-
16 hours overnight
€ 2300,-
24 hours whole day
€ 2750,-
48 hours 2 days
€ 4250,-
Extra days
€ 1000,-
Every extra hour
€ 250,-