Rates Escort Services

Our High Class Escort models are only available for bookings for at least 2 hours so they can offer you a truly high class service. In addition, most models are also available for bookings of 1.5 hours, provided that a booking takes place in the native residence of an escort lady or the immediate area. 

Bookings start from € 500,- for 1,5 hours including travel costs. We charge € 250,- extra for every additional hour. Our special rates only apply on bookings made in advance for a fixed period or if you extend within the first hour of your date. We do not charge additional fees for extra services, such as couples.
Private bookings
1,5 hours
€ 500,-
2 hours
€ 700,-
3 hours
€ 950,-
4 hours
€ 1150,-
5 hours
€ 1300,-
6 hours
€ 1450,-
7 hours
€ 1600,-
8 hours
€ 1750,-
12 hours overnight
€ 2000,-
16 hours overnight
€ 2300,-
24 hours whole day
€ 2750,-
48 hours 2 days
€ 4250,-
Extra days
€ 1000,-
Every extra hour
€ 250,-

All our rates include 21% VAT and include travel costs up till 140 km from the residence of our escort model. Additional travel costs will be charged at € 0,50 per km or, if a chauffeur is needed, the additional costs of the chauffeur will be charged.

Different rates

For some of our escort models we may charge different rates. If different rates apply, they can be found on the profile page of the Escort model. In addition to our High Class Escort Service we also offer Experiences. For information, go to our Services page.

Personalized proposal

Are you looking for a specific package or do you have a special request? Please contact us. We are happy to make a personalized proposal for you. For more information concerning rates and payments, read our terms and conditions.


We prefer all payments are made directly in advance to Nightingale Exclusive itself. We accept a variety of payment options. We accept payments via bank transfer, debit card, credit card and cash. For bookings abroad, different conditions apply. For more information about our payment terms, please read our Terms & Conditions. Whatever the method of payment will be, payment should always be done before starting your date. If you are very satisfied with the service provided by our escort and you want to reward her extra, please give your extra reward directly to her.

However, please keep in mind that we usually ask new clients to pay a small amount as collateral, especially for future bookings. We have made this choice to prevent us from reserving the precious time of our models for a "no show".