Escort Services and Experiences

Nightingale Exclusive offers a variety of escort services. Our service is never ordinary. If you book our High Class Escort Service; the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) including a delightful erotic massage is always part of our service. In addition to our various erotic services, we also offer several Experiences you can experience with our beautiful ladies. Do you have a specific experience in mind or a fantasy that you would like to come true? Tell us your wishes and desires and we are happy to think along in how we can fulfill them. Of course we understand that each person is unique with their own personal preferences. Especially to think along with our clientele and offer a personalized service is our strength. No bridge too far; just let us know your specific needs and we make sure we fulfill them for you.

Always personalized service

Nightingale Exclusive does not believe in standard service, only in superior quality. Our service is always concerned, personal and tailored to your specific preferences. Everything is about seduction, unique experience and quality. If you wish, we can arrange everything for you; special accommodation, the perfect restaurant, luxurious transport or provide you with any other Hospitality or VIP Service. We can also arrange a customized private event for you.

Ménage à trois

The dream of many men; a threesome with two bisexual women. Who does not dream of it or ever fantasized about it? In normal life it is not always easy to arrange this fantasy, but Nightingale Exclusive can help you make you fantasy come true. Many of our ladies are bisexual or bi-curious. 

Dinner & Dessert

A Dinner & Dessert Experience is the perfect way to get to know each other during an intimate and romantic dinner. A Dinner & Dessert Experience feels more like a real date, making it really a more Girlfriend Experience. You will meet your escort model at your hotel, in close range to your home or at a location near the restaurant.

Lunch & Dessert

Are you looking for a pleasant interlude during your day? For a moment to relax and continue your day afterwards with a smile on your face? Then the Lunch & Dessert Experience is definitely for you. You will meet your escort model preferably at your hotel, in close range to your home or to another address near the restaurant.

Lesbian Escort

You are a woman and always had the desire to make love with another woman? But you prefer to have this experience with someone very discreet. Not with somebody you know or someone that you are not sure you will connect with. Women are more sensitive in this area and a real connection is essential to make it an unforgettable experience.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The Girlfriend Experience is for those who are looking for an experience like this would be with the "perfect girlfriend". All our escort models offer the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience and even prefer it; so they can really get to know you. Your escort model is a stylish, charming and intelligent lady with whom you can connect on a spiritual and physical level.

BDSM (Submissive/Dominant)

Everybody is familiar with Fifty Shades of Grey, and many have become fascinated and interested in BDSM. BDSM represents Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism en Masochism. Many people fantasize sometimes about how it would be to be dominated or to dominate. To be tied up or tie somebody up or be spanked of spank someone. 

Couple Experience

Many couples fantasize about sex with a third person, but find it difficult to find the right person who meets their needs or ask someone to join them. In this case an escort model can be the solution. A lot of couples use an escort to make their fantasy come true. Most importantly is that the escort model meets the expectations and needs of the both of you, so good matchmaking is essential.

Erotic Massage

A massage is the perfect way to simply unwind. Just relax for a moment and surrender you completely to the pleasure of being touched by another person. A massage can be very relaxing or used for working towards a climax like an erotic massage is intended; towards intimacy and a sense of excitement as foreplay. 

Pornstar Experience

Everyone looks at porn now and then or has seen a porn movie. Porn is exciting, naughty and the screen is filled with gorgeous, sexy and naughty ladies. Maybe you have ever fantasized about how it would be to play in a porn movie. If so, the Pornstar Experience is for you. What can you expect from the Pornstar Experience? Rough and wild sex with an escort model, just a little more bold, something a little bit more naughty. 

Companionship Only

Our beautiful escort models are also available for Companionship Only. For example, you are invited to attend a party or a corporate event, but you don’t want to appear alone and maybe impress the rest of the guests with a magnificent appearance by your side? Our models are elegant, articulated, entertaining and know how to act in different circles, even the most elite, and are able to socialize easily.

Cruise Experience

Exclusively in Amsterdam, we offer the Canal Cruise Experience as part of our escort service. The canals still remain the most special way to discover Amsterdam and explore this beautiful city. And why would you do this alone rather than in the company of a beautiful High Class Escort?

Luxury Overnight

The Luxury Overnight is especially for the man who wants to take the time for a date with a charming and sexy lady, so you can really get to know each other better. Making it a real Girlfriend Experience. You can fill in the time anyway you want. You may start the evening with a romantic dinner, have a drink, visit the theatre, film or you choose to spend the evening in a different relaxing manner. 

PA Experience

Our escort models are intelligent and highly educated women who have to best of both worlds; beauty and brains. Did you always had the fantasy to have your own sexy PA to assist you? We can assure you, you have never had such a charming and sexy PA before. The PA experience is perfect to combine pleasure with business.

Food Experience

You can choose to dine with your escort model in a restaurant during a Dinner & Dessert Experience, but you may prefer to dine in a more private setting. Just enjoy a relaxing and intimate evening with one of our beautiful ladies.

VIP Experience

The VIP Experience is for those who want to really exceed their expectations. Ultimate pampering and pure luxury; that's what you can expect from the VIP Experience. And all this with a beautiful lady along your side.

Wellness Experience

Treat yourself with a visit to a sauna where a beautiful and sexy lady will accompany you. Just unwind for a moment in a serene setting. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon or to end your day. Enjoy the sauna, pool and steam bath. One risk; the temperature will rise even more in the sauna after seeing the sexy body of your escort model.

Wishes & Desires Experience

This is the ultimate experience for only those who really want to have their expectations exceeded. This Experience is all about pampering, luxury, enjoyment and ultimate seduction. The whole evening will be about pleasant and seductive surprises we arrange for you. An evening full of excitement, ecstasy and unparalleled experiences.