Dinner & Dessert

A Dinner & Dessert Experience is the perfect way to get to know each other during an intimate and romantic dinner. A Dinner & Dessert Experience feels more like a real date, making it really a more Girlfriend Experience. You will meet your escort model at your hotel, in close range to your home or at a location near the restaurant. Together you will go to the restaurant. Spend a pleasant evening while enjoying a nice dinner and drinks along with your escort model and get to know each other better. After the time at the restaurant you can continue the evening in a more intimate setting where dessert will be "served".

The perfect Dinner Date with an Escort Model

The minimum duration for a Dinner & Dessert Experience is three hours of which two will take place usually in public. Our escort models can appreciate a Dinner & Dessert Experience as she will be able to make a spiritual connection with you also. That is why we offer this experience at a special rate. You can choose a restaurant and make a reservation yourself or we can do it for you. We are happy to organize the Dinner & Dessert Experience for you and we are familiar with all the good restaurants in the major cities. Let us know your preferences and we will arrange the perfect Dinner & Dessert Experience for you. What kind of food our ladies can certainly appreciate, you can read in their personal profile.
Price 850,- for 3 hours
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