Private Events

Nightingale Exclusive can organize your own private event for you. You want to experience an evening, alone or with an intimate companionship, completely devoted to sublime seduction?

Your Own Private Event

Imagine; an evening where you are surrounded by a selection of our beautiful escorts, your imagination and the senses and are provoked. Titillating entertainment, live music, sexy dancers, exquisite drinks and appetizers. Nightingale Exclusive makes Yab Yum come back to life, only in a way Nightingale Exlusive can. 

Private events are only for those who truly have appreciation for the finer things in life and a real desire to have their expectations exceeded. We are happy to organize your own private event fully based on your specific needs, desires and needs in the Gentlemen's Club of Nightingale or another location of your preference. Please contact us and we will make the impossible possible for you.